Reviews for "Torn"

I couldn't remain focused on the story due to the fact that one of the girls had a penis head.

Very touching and moving piece, music complemented it all so well

It would have been awesome if the little girl already made her copy as a replacement. That way there will be twins and a sister lol.

This was very sweet. The story is simple and easy to follow without dialogue, and the use of music really helps to convey the emotions of the characters. I found myself caring about the fate of the abandoned sister and I was really glad she got a happy ending. I have to wonder if the design of the torn sister was based at all on the character Paper Pauline from My Cardboard Life or if their resemblance was purely coincidental.

AtroxChobatsu responds:


I'd never heard of that comic before, actually. By the looks of it, we both had the same idea for a distinctly girly hairstyle.