Reviews for "Torn"

I'm tor... oh crap, how do I put this without making a pun... indecisive on whether I should be an ass and point out a realistic reaction to sentient paper or be cliche and "Daww" over this.

well good video anyway!

This shows the true love sisters can have for each other.

Great movie,nothing wrong about it.

And to Loyal Meat: Says a guy with that kind of name.

I was quite impressed at how beautiful this was. It's so great that you won an award, not just on this website, but on another. Speaking of second places, this is currently the second highest ranked submission of all time! I was a bit confused by it. I thought it was going to be more of a Valentine's Day flash. It looked like the first person was a boy at first.

That's what confused me, I thought it was going to be a romantic story. I know it wasn't intended to be about lesbians or anything, it just came like that to me. This was still a wonderfully powerful story. I think my favorite part would be when her foot gets cut off. It's just so unexpected.