Reviews for "Torn"

Beatiful! Amazing! Awesome! I mean, really, how many ways can you say the same thing?? (Well, probably at least a dozen more, but that's beside the point). Watching this animation was like watching what my future could be. Your animating style is very lifelike, in the sense that you see the paper folding like it should, you're handling 2D and 3D items very skillfully, and like All4OneAndOne4None said, the "camera handling" is very well done. The scenes and shots are rendered so well; that's what draws you in, makes you keep watching. For a while, I've aspired to animate like this, and your animation shows that it's possible, and in a short amount of time, at that! For effectively using music, beautifully depicting emotions, and making backgrounds that are simple and uncluttered, and yet delightfully drawn, I have to give you major credit and say that front page is where you belong. Ha, and I'm gushing. :D
Short and sweet, there's almost too much good stuff going on here to mention, and the cat!! It's like everything you want in a darkly stealthy house-cat, rolled up into one super-cool animation.

I felt ALL the feels.ALL OF THEM.

This... is perfect. It truly made me feel my emotions, love, fear, sorrow, and happiness.
The animation was fluid and choice of music excellent. The story touching.
There needs to be more animations like this.

ok,almost everything was amazing,but the one thing that got my eye the most was the directoring of each scene!i loved that man!it had a strong artistic touch to it!!the scene that she jumps out the trashcan was one of these scenes!she could just fall,but no,she falls slowly as any piece of paper would and she lands on her (paper;P) knees for a more dramatic touch....very nice....many thanx for something so beautiful.

There are fewer and fewer animations that can move you in a pleasant way! This was one of them! The animation was good, like the style and pacing. The music was excellently harmonized with the action and the story was nicely portrayed. For the 4:43 (min/sec) it lasts, this was one short that I enjoyed.
Great job good sir! Thank you! Thank you for enriching not only my imagination with your own, but Newgorunds.com as well! Keep up the awesome work!