Reviews for "Torn"

+2 for the Animation
+2 for the Music
+1 for the Storyline
5 stars, because it's beautiful.

The animation is great, the musics adapts to every situation in the picture, the situation is very deep , but the moral and message is what I like the most.

I have to congratulate you for this work is very good; Personally I felt like was real life based or something like that, u know!!!

That's why I voted 5

tht was my favorite movie

This is a very good animation! It brought much sorrow as it did worry that she would not make it back to her sister. I have a sister in real life, and like the paper girl with the ripped leg, I would do anything to get back to her. Five stars! Lovely animation and great story! I hope to see more animations like this! "Torn" is truly a heartrending masterpiece.

A movie without dialogue always says so much more than one with dialogue. You have great story boarding and technique, anyway I loved it and im inspired <3