Reviews for "Torn"

A flawlessly executed, meaningful and emotionally moving short animation. This is something undeniably rare even by NG's Frontpage standards. The fact that this was made under tight time constraints makes it all the more impressive.

A masterpiece and a well-deserved winning entry at any rate.

+2 for the Animation
+2 for the Music
+1 for the Storyline
5 stars, because it's beautiful.

The animation is great, the musics adapts to every situation in the picture, the situation is very deep , but the moral and message is what I like the most.

I have to congratulate you for this work is very good; Personally I felt like was real life based or something like that, u know!!!

That's why I voted 5

tht was my favorite movie

This is a very good animation! It brought much sorrow as it did worry that she would not make it back to her sister. I have a sister in real life, and like the paper girl with the ripped leg, I would do anything to get back to her. Five stars! Lovely animation and great story! I hope to see more animations like this! "Torn" is truly a heartrending masterpiece.