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Reviews for "Experiment 51"

I was actually somewhat impressed by this. It's mostly because it was a pretty simple point and click game to understand and I'm no good at those. The funny thing is that I literally can not get the remote when it falls out of the guy's hands. It's obscured by the site's logo! This is the first time I've seen this weird Kennedy intro. Eh, I don't really care for it.

The sounds were very nice in this. It has all the good stick animation you are known for! This is probably going to be the last submission I review from this year. The music is decent as well. I am pretty stuck on the part with the two guards.

Badass idea, easy enough gameplay and the music is perfect for the game. The only issue that I have with the game is that there should be an easier way to figure out where on the screen you need to point and click like maybe a 10 second delay before the enemy sees you and shoots you instead of a 3 second delay. Other than that dude the game is killer.

sick game!!!! a bit tough but i got through it :D also whats the name of the song its fucking epic

Really?! 16 buttons to choose from for the gravity gun. The replay should go right before the button selection. Having to click the guy, select kill, move to control panel and select it gets really old quickly. the whole process was so tedious that I gave up after 12 tries.

Then I saw the clue and felt stupid.

Gordon Freeman!