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Reviews for "Experiment 51"

Poor compared to your past stick-click games, your past ones were short and sweet, the outcomes were somewhat obvious, but not too much, which I preferred, this version was horrible, some of the area you had to click were minuscule, I mean the one with where you have to throw the canister at the enemy and the area of clicking available is extremely small, a bunch of idiotic implementations...

I really think you should try a new style, also, the whole survivor V soldier thing is getting old. Perhaps try a ninja approach, perhaps, or western, just change it.

I like it, a little frustrating, but i enjoy much. Good stage and drawing. Goof animation!!

Eh, too much guess-and-check, and some of the clicks are downright stupid. Especially the dude with the physics gun. Otherwise, entertaining for a few minutes. Nice animation quality, as well.

Lol. Yeah, lost all interest in playing this when it was revealed that a "remote grab" was necessary, and said remote grab took more tries than was worth it.

Really?! 16 buttons to choose from for the gravity gun. The replay should go right before the button selection. Having to click the guy, select kill, move to control panel and select it gets really old quickly. the whole process was so tedious that I gave up after 12 tries.

Then I saw the clue and felt stupid.