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Reviews for "Experiment 51"

the Half-Life is strong with this one~ maybe, or im just looking too closely. Either way you have my nifty rating, very good.

I love this but cant get the remote.

I like it! It's a good game, nice music, good sounds, smooth animation , and E.T.C. I think this is great for any one who liked Creative Kill Chamber.

Awesome game! At first I thought It was some advertisement, because you couldn't click the remote at the beginning because of the website link on the bottom left of the screen, but you have to catch it while it's in the air XD. Really cool game, 5/5.

Badass idea, easy enough gameplay and the music is perfect for the game. The only issue that I have with the game is that there should be an easier way to figure out where on the screen you need to point and click like maybe a 10 second delay before the enemy sees you and shoots you instead of a 3 second delay. Other than that dude the game is killer.