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Reviews for "Experiment 51"

ok i played on mute and at the start the guard is fapping?

. waist of my time and music is out of control

Ocul, while I respect your observation, I don't think you should give a five star game two stars just because it "lacks a secret unpenetrable lab ambience". If you want the author to notice, try using more understandable words.

The level drawings were good but they seem to lack in creating a secret- unpenetrable lab ambiance. It could have been good for example to see scientists that aren't carrying sniper rifles with them or other dead test subjects from previous experiments. For example at the first scene why are those cabins with green goo empty? For me the worst part was the music. It was repetitive and I don't think it goes with a point n' click game. I can see that this game tries to base itself on gameplay rather than story. But did it really have to be this superficial? Even if it is so was "Lab 51 Seal" necessary?
Judging by the games artwork I think the creator can make a really good game. This one seems like it has been put together in a short time to attract casualest of gamers.

Loved it. The clicks make sense and are challenging. The story is a bit silly, but it's more about the action and making the right choices.