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Reviews for "Experiment 51"

the music is alright but the thing that sucks the most for me was the fact that i cant even get the remote because the Bored.com link was in the way. other than that i bet the game was awsome for most people

sick game!!!! a bit tough but i got through it :D also whats the name of the song its fucking epic

the screen for the over all game is too small and also music need a muter button

I only gave this 2 stars for two reasons: first off I (and judging from the comments many others) didn´t fancy the music it was annoying and unmutable. Please just give us the option to turn it off! Also...Gravity gun... seriously...again?!? This just pops up way too often to be good anymore. The game in its self was quite ok though the artwork could do with some more attention

The music is really annoying and as much it's fun, you should have made it more... realistic. Because I doubt a real lab would have a hatch leading to a room with a mega-epic weapon which after has some explosive barrels on the top and then a tree with saws and a magical vortex thing which leads to above. Wouldn't it be simpler to put a staircase back in that huge imam room?