Reviews for "Link's Triumph"

Just awesome! Smooth animations and the sounds were spot on. Good work!

The animation is so smooth man, well done.

Aquamentis was always supposed to deliver the feel of doing something really important all while proving not to be so difficult.

You captured the elements of the boss very well, though, the fight could have stood to lasted a little longer.

Wow, this is great! Did you draw everything yourself?! I can't even draw a dog..

Shamoozal responds:


Once again sir, you have created an awesome submission which re-enforces my nostalgia for the old and great video games of my childhood.
Perhaps we can expect something from one of my all time favorite video game franchises sometime in the future... Castlevania anyone??? :D
Anyway, great work once again, and you continue to be one of the artists here on NG's that I keep a look out for.