Reviews for "New Year 2013"

Hah I knew eeveryone but real life yotam was poorly animated hes the worst
(jk I love you{no bro-mo})

As a long time fan of your animations, that made me so fuckin happy

I liked seeing all of your old characters. Was suprised when you tried to do the green screen thing, but was cool and it shows that your work is improving always. Happy New Years, and hoped you enjoy dem old man cooties. :D

nice use of all the characters ive been following for the past how many years!
and lol birthday yotam, you are only a few months older than me so all your bday songs come out at justt the right time haha
thanks for makin my day and happynewyears!

Happy New Year 2013!!!!
(Isabel Lockwood: Ah...damnit! *facepalm while insulting*)
(Bruce Sanders: I know...*take off jacket & top* Happy New Year bitch!)
{They lickin' makout immediately}