Reviews for "New Year 2013"

Happy New Year 2013!!!!
(Isabel Lockwood: Ah...damnit! *facepalm while insulting*)
(Bruce Sanders: I know...*take off jacket & top* Happy New Year bitch!)
{They lickin' makout immediately}

i loved the video but i didnt get it.

You are the funniest person on Newground. Idgaf.

Spinoff ideas:
My whore-y dad
Ghosts in the machine
Counting Down, with Yotam
Kids and Possessed Babies Say the Darndest Things
And something with the armless guy and the one with the speak-and-spell voice. What were their names? They really popped!

LazyMuffin responds:

Chocolateman and Crippleboy. Very distinct, hard to remember names.

Doesn't make sense unless you have watched all his videos for 2012 :3