Reviews for "New Year 2013"

As a follower and fan of your work, I cant tell you how pleased I am with this final piece of 2012!

Great work, way to tie it all together with the party, I like to imagine this would be the way your works would get together if you where able to manifest them into our reality.

Thanks for a great year of laughs free of charge!

I'm poor don't charge me if you start! Please?


EWWW you kissed mr fingertips.
Great flash, you especially got me when the kids were talking about dad pulling something out. For a second there i thought he was pulling out a cock (Don't tell my mother). But that's just me, i only think about cocks. (don't tell my mother)

Hah I knew eeveryone but real life yotam was poorly animated hes the worst
(jk I love you{no bro-mo})

Under Judgement and frontpaged? Holy shit.