Reviews for "New Year 2013"

You look like a young Adam Sandler. Great video btw.

Great as always! The green screen part bugged me though.

It was a nicely animated, poorly green-screened retrospective of nearly all of Yotam's memorable characters. If you are a fan of Mr. LazyMuffin you'll think it is funny, (not gut-bustingly hilarious but amusing and nice), and if you have never heard of him, look up some of his other animations, (because this one is difficult to appreciate without context). Happy New Year!

Under Judgment but on the front page? Hooray. On the animation, it was really great :D

This is incredible. I know reviews are supposed to give constructive feedback as to what the author did right/wrong, but I love this to a degree that it's impossible to gather my thoughts and just... It's just perfect. You can't review perfect.
Stay perfect in 2013. Happy New Year.