Reviews for "New Year 2013"

That was nice. Also, green screening can be tricky. I have to do some tonight. I have to use a blue background because the star is a green puppet. But all that aside, I like how you threw yourself into the animation. Nice touch. :)

LMFAO is that Desktop Stripper mom?
And way to put yourself in the animation, that was pretty cool! Nice ending btw, lol.

5/5 Both, and faved! Happy New Year Yotam!

this is awesome...that is all...happy new year everybody!!!!may you guys be happy next year...

Awesome !
Also i think we can all agree on this.
Make more cross-over please !

nice use of all the characters ive been following for the past how many years!
and lol birthday yotam, you are only a few months older than me so all your bday songs come out at justt the right time haha
thanks for makin my day and happynewyears!