Reviews for "Top Gear Rampage"

good enough to entertain people
but this is not a game

FordV8 responds:

this is the game

LMAO this was hilarious

FordV8 responds:

only two stars? no dicks for you.

lol, good little time killer

FordV8 responds:


Okay, good first:
1. I laughed... A little.
2. I saw veritable adult stuff.
Now the bad:
1. Animation (whenever it was actually there) sucked.
2. Bored me.
Now the stuff I find both likable and and trash-like at the same time:
1. All cops are black (Racism?).
2. Police Brutality caption (Dude, you raped a fucking schoolgirl, IN THE SCHOOL!).

FordV8 responds:

what's wrong with black cops? me myself is a black
this game is pretty boring, indeed. but it doesn't last long at least

Isnt that madoka?! lmfao! LOL! XD

FordV8 responds:

She's hot, a perfect substitute for child porn.