Reviews for "Top Gear Rampage"

lol so friggin hilarious if anythimg for those people who say this one sucks of the rape scene..
the guy gets caught obviously :/ and its like a picture show.
but keep it up cuz that was amazing!

FordV8 responds:

we love jc

Keep posting it may have been simple but i got a laugh out of it with the final scene.
And that in my opinion is enough.
As for the rape, seriously i wish people would shut up about this already... the whole thing with the rapely ban was blown out of proportion fantasy is fantasy reality is reality.
You wonder why people joke about it when everyone takes it so seriously.

FordV8 responds:

Yes, why people these days take everything seriously? Why are stereotypical jokes about jew, niger, jap, chink, fag, and nazi so rare now? Why did a school dropped out one of their students for saying faggot? And since when insulting religions and praising atheism is allowed on family guy?

This world has turned upside down. Blame illuminatis.


FordV8 responds:


this is brilliant..... not really but i gave it 5 stars anyways LOL
people need to stop being so fucking butt hurt over this. THIS IS THE INTERNET.

FordV8 responds:

I love internet.


FordV8 responds: