Reviews for "Top Gear Rampage"

XD lol... dish is funny, and you are a genious *clap clap clap*

FordV8 responds:

It's funny because jer clarkson.

Isnt that madoka?! lmfao! LOL! XD

FordV8 responds:

She's hot, a perfect substitute for child porn.


FordV8 responds:

u is awsum

Okay, good first:
1. I laughed... A little.
2. I saw veritable adult stuff.
Now the bad:
1. Animation (whenever it was actually there) sucked.
2. Bored me.
Now the stuff I find both likable and and trash-like at the same time:
1. All cops are black (Racism?).
2. Police Brutality caption (Dude, you raped a fucking schoolgirl, IN THE SCHOOL!).

FordV8 responds:

what's wrong with black cops? me myself is a black
this game is pretty boring, indeed. but it doesn't last long at least

Honestly pretty crappy, nothing going on but some guy randomly acting like a dick.

I suppose if I were in a better mood, this would be funny in a "Because random" sort of way but the whole minimalist thing and the lack of anything new or interesting makes it fall flat on it's face. Oh, and stop whining about other people being offended by rape. I'm pretty sure it sucks to be raped and you treating it like it's nothing is bad enough, never mind that you start bitching when someone gets offended. It happens, everyone has opinions and these reviews are expressly for sharing those opinions. My opinion is that this game isn't really a game and it sucks at simply being an interactive picture story.

Congratulations, you acted like a dick and justified it with "everyone else on the internet is a dick!" Now I have to "be a dick" and tell you you're a dick and the fact that other people are also dicks makes you no less of one.

FordV8 responds:

dicks dicks everywhere