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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"

Spend less time on shading and more time on lines. your lines are horrible. Good lines would make this look so much better

You desperately need to fix your audio mixing.
I couldn't finish watching due to the incredible amount of distortion on just about every soud in the movie. It could be due to how you recorded the audio but i think it may have more to do with the level at which you had all your sounds within flash before exporting.
It's a simple issue that can be easily fixed and would've improved the quality of your film 10 fold.

BinaryDood responds:

Yeah I am aware of that :(

Hopefully wont happen again

This was a bad video. this is your first, so i forgive you for it, but you should know that this was just awful. The artwork at some points was pretty decent, but the overwhelming majority was utter shit, and none of it was animated correctly. The sound was just terrible in every seen, especially the rehashed DBZ nonsense. The jokes were sort of there but they weren't funny enough to pass by in a well-animated, quality animation, and they definitely didn't hold their own in this mess. I don't know if this was a joke or what, but it seems like you may have some actual talent, so please learn how to animate the right way, and I hope to see some respectable work coming from you in the future.

BinaryDood responds:

fuck respect

Transformers 7 was better.