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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"

Well, that was certainly an enjoyable ride. I'd have to say, that octopus sure can take a beating. If I was in the same place that he was, I'd have fallen by the 4th punch landed.

Art was hilariously over the top, the voice acting fit very will with the situation at hand, jokes were deployed at just the right moments, overall I'd say it was a smashing piece. As far as animation goes, things could have gone a bit smoother (it seemed like some scenes only had 2 frames), but the story was still coherent. I shall wait in anticipation for the second movie. In 3D.

/pleasedon'tsendmetohellihaveawifeand kids...ohwaitnoi'manalpaca

BinaryDood responds:

Great review! I look forward to improving!

If the portrayal wasn't so grotesque, I would have felt bad for the poor little devil octopus thingy. It was a bit too grotesque and lazy at times, but overall, pretty good, especially for a first submission. I'm eager to see more from you!

The ending gave me the chills.

It was idea to made that last ending , how long does to made those long word anyway ?

volume leveling would've gotten you all stars... the layer's volume was set a wee bit too high and it seemed like it was gonna blow my speakers out... as for the animation, not basing this on personal preference, it was good, not the greatest but it's not the worst... pain in the ass to do it frame by frame, huh? in either way for a first time as an author you did pretty good... keep up the good work!

BinaryDood responds:


Yeah... I have lots of trouble with anything related to audio... really... I'll try to give it more attention next time... perhaps I wont forget to do some important stuff

your fight scenes reminds me of how the power puff girls fight in their show