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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"


BinaryDood responds:

to the extreme

Whoa, powerful. Let me give you some kindling to burn for ideas.

To fight the cloud, Cpt. Beatdown should fly so fast in a circle that it makes a tornado. To ensure that humanity is saved from his folly, he inhales the entire tornado of mind-ravaging smoke and devours the smouldering beast. CB is forced to endure the rest of his existence unable to void his body in fear of the evil it could release while internally battling against a dose of toxic chemicals ripping apart the very manifolds of existence within his mind.

Along his journey to annihilation CB catches glimpses of Stan falling deeper and deeper into hell. They are both just that f'd. Stan sees the situation and has to make a moral decision between saving himself from hell or CB. For the greater good, Stan draws the evil out of CB and takes it unto himself, thus pushing himself further yet into the realms of suffering and pain beyond the likes of what the mortal mind could even comprehend.

BinaryDood responds:


Please god More.

The avengers 6 was better. I have gone to a worse place than stan. Hell version 2.