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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"

pretty fun flash to watch!


BinaryDood responds:


binary dood is the next great animation god

BinaryDood responds:

Im Spazraptor

Well, that was certainly an enjoyable ride. I'd have to say, that octopus sure can take a beating. If I was in the same place that he was, I'd have fallen by the 4th punch landed.

Art was hilariously over the top, the voice acting fit very will with the situation at hand, jokes were deployed at just the right moments, overall I'd say it was a smashing piece. As far as animation goes, things could have gone a bit smoother (it seemed like some scenes only had 2 frames), but the story was still coherent. I shall wait in anticipation for the second movie. In 3D.

/pleasedon'tsendmetohellihaveawifeand kids...ohwaitnoi'manalpaca

BinaryDood responds:

Great review! I look forward to improving!