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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"

I voted 35 bananas

I don't know what I just watched, but holy hell did I love it!

I thought it was too long relative to the amount/quality of humor. (But that's just my opinion, and it probably has to do with my short attention span!) The humor itself didn't really affect me, but what made me crack up was the animations when Captain Beatdown was talking! I like the style, and you did characterize the Captain well enough to make me want to see what he does next. If what I just said makes any sense to you! For a first flash, however, this is amazing! I really wish I could make flash animations; I can't afford Adobe products at the moment. Keep up the good work!

BinaryDood responds:

Thanks :D

I love it when people actually criticise my work, seems like you guys actually care, and makes me whilling to improve.


BinaryDood responds:

to the extreme

That was awesome. I love awesome things.

BinaryDood responds:

thanks sexy voice