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Reviews for "Captain Beatdown"

Hmm, it was okay. This is a good start for you on newgrounds, as you've hit frontpage - well done on that!

However, there are some problems. The audio being the biggest issue, as said before already by others.
I had some difficulty picking up what the narrator was saying in the beginning as the background sound was kinda overpowering his voice over, not to mention the sudden loud bursts of gunsounds who could've potentionally hurt my ears if I hadn't turned down my headphones in advance :-P
I know managing audio can be a bit troublesome if you don't know it all that well (I'm not all that good at it as well) - so I'd suggest, if you can, try and get some help with someone who's more experienced managing audio.

The animation was good, there were some creative funny gags in there such as his mouth blending/morphin into himself at some point, I liked that. But it was a bit inconsistent at some points. One time it would like rather clean and stylized and then suddenly it would turn messy and unclean.

The jokes were so and so. Normally I like it when someone makes fun of his own material, but it needs some thought behind it to make it work for me. For instance: the part where he was beating down the octopuss thing, and then the "re-use" text came up - I was kinda "eh" about that part, I feel like things like that need to be a little bit more subtle. The creature could've said something "Why do you keep hitting me in the same spot like that" or something like that.

Overall, it was good. If you can fix the audio that'll be a big plus ;)

BinaryDood responds:

Thanks for spending your time making such a complex review.

I am aware of most of the things you said... I'll try not to repeat the same mistake twice, I learned alot from the animation, and theres somethings that I know that I should not do in future animations.

volume leveling would've gotten you all stars... the layer's volume was set a wee bit too high and it seemed like it was gonna blow my speakers out... as for the animation, not basing this on personal preference, it was good, not the greatest but it's not the worst... pain in the ass to do it frame by frame, huh? in either way for a first time as an author you did pretty good... keep up the good work!

BinaryDood responds:


Yeah... I have lots of trouble with anything related to audio... really... I'll try to give it more attention next time... perhaps I wont forget to do some important stuff

Sucks for Stan. Good animation and story nonetheless.

It was idea to made that last ending , how long does to made those long word anyway ?

The ending practically made my day.