Reviews for "Konkey Dong"

AiLo90 you made a really nice game there I loved the music and it was just amazing!!!

AWSOME i am DONKEY KONG!! i never beat the game where im mario the fat man and havivg to save de princess :( with this game, i feel kinda better :D

That was a lot of fun. The art style is beautiful.

Ok, So This Was Pretty Fun. Throwing Barrels At Mario Is And Luigi Is Fun, But I Have To Say That It's Harder Too XD Can't Say It Was The Best Parody Of Donkey Kong Ever Made, But It's Up There. It Was Pretty Challenging, And Me And My Friend Enjoyed The 2 Player. One Complaint About 2 Player, Keep Luigi Out Of It. Having To Worry About A Non-CPU AND CPUs At The Same Time Was Annoying. Enjoyed Playing, I'll Definitely Play Again!
SuperPieReveiws Gives This Game A 7.5/10. But Since 3.75 Stars Doesn't Exist, I'll Give It A 4.

i kind of wish i could be mario because donkey kong is not as FUN.