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Reviews for "Konkey Dong"

It's really simple but fun.

Exciting concept. Playing it a few times, it really is a nifty little game, reminds me of the "lotteries" that I used to do with my uncles at family gathering to figure out who had to do the dishes after the food was finished (I realized that they rigged those after 5 years of being duped by the way). The basic premise of the game is just that, it's like a line lottery, where a barrel must go down the ladder that it encounters, just like in a line lottery where you need to trace through the first intersection you cross.

The sprites are absolutely charming, and the controls aren't too clunky. My main complaint with the game is actually just the fact that it gets quite monotonous very fast. Perhaps I'm not good enough at the game, but the few times I played it...I didn't beat it. I also didn't really have a gauge as to when I would be able to beat it, or even if it was possible to beat or an impossible game. I think those should be made clear, after all, one of the main things that drive people when playing a game is the feeling of accomplishment. Be it levelling up or finishing a level. The addition of a rewards/achievement system, level system, or even a score system would make this game much better in my opinion. Still, good job on it.

ZiLo90 responds:

I really appreciate reviews like this. Thanks for playing and the feedback. I'd say the way you can tell if you're progressing is by looking at the mario/luigi lives in the top left corner. once that reaches 0 then you win. I do agree with the statement that there could be more progression / diversity in the game.

i love the way of the game no more mario and luigi in this game you play as donkey kong but please change the name some people might find that wierd

Overall, this is a really good effort. I'm sure the concept of playing as Donkey Kong has been tried before, but this is the first time I've seen a flash game use the concept. There's a lot of features missing from this game that could make it more playabe: stages, increasing levels of difficulty, incorporating more elements from the original game (like an Italian dude chasing you with a hammer, or flaming barrels). Also a scoring system, so the game is a bit more than just tossing barrels. This is a good platform to building a more elaborate game, one that a player would come back to after beating it. Maybe it would be better in 2-player mode, when there's more than the computer AI to overcome.

Pretty good. I Thought the Controls were a little slow but if that's the way it's supposed to be hen it's just a challenging game. :) overall OK though.