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Reviews for "Konkey Dong"

VERY GOOD! The graphics and stuff make it the best!

Amazing concept being excellently implemented here. Decent graphics, fantastic music and smooth gameplay. Bravo!

Notbad of a game here

I like that it's not just easy the action scenes of this game came off well and flowed with excitement so it was a plus a good game here some decent graphics there could be more flashy effects especially in the action scenes but overall a fun game

Some flashy effects when it comes to action points and scenes


That was awesome! This may very well be the best of these games I've played. I thought it would be too easy at first. I mean, you'd just fight off one or two players. The game itself was always hard for me. If only I had that many guys.

The music was nice and authentic. Oh yeah, Dong. This is an even more obvious knockoff than "Enough Plumbers". At least the hero won. That has to count for something, right?

What's with all those EXPAND DONG jokes nowadays?