Reviews for "Bobbie Jumper"

Wow, really really good work man. This game is really nice. :)

I loved it. My high-score is 300. A kid pretending to be an astronaut, and is bouncing on clouds to get there. Why would I spam this? I think this is a great game no joke.

Not a original type of game, but it is adicting and I love these types of games, just think the backround could chande through the level, and more obstacles.

Hey funnybunnygamm,
Of cause this is not a freaking new game play, but I'm pretty sure you know that ;)
But really I like the design!
In the beginning the platforms don't fade after jumping on them but after a (really short) time, you can only jump once on them. I think you should have a few platforms that stay, and others that fade away after jumping on them, and draw them a bit different, 'cause some parts are just impossible when they are faded.
I can't really become friends with the music...hm...but maybe it's just me. (oh and thanks I'll have that melody stuck in my head the whole day ;D )
I like the easy shop desing. :)
All in all I pretty like it! Keep up the good work!


this is great....with some work you can make this a total winner ......refine and decorate....add upgrades...you're the vertical bezerker ball