Reviews for "Electric Joint"

At Lvl. 19 I needed the Walkthrought, after seeing how close you can place the charges, it become way easier. The game is a little unbalanced Lvl. 19 and 23 a much harder than the last one
(which was pretty easy).

Good game, good concept, nice gameplay!
Keep working on games like this one

Tried following some of the level walkthroughs, but clearly the rules were disabled in order to make the walkthrough as the wires clearly cross in several of the videos.
4/5, would rage again

decent game, if only some of the levels weren't clearly made before the rules were added

i cant fucking beat lvl 19!11

The game itself is a really good puzzle, sound and graphic quality is fine but man, the music is very unfitting and it becomes annoying...

Anybody else upon seeing the title think of something else?