Reviews for "Electric Joint"

Very professional and well constructed game.
I have always been a fan of puzzle game and this is no exception and it was a lot of fun to try and complete the levels.
I only problem was the fact that towards the end it felt more of a skill game due to the amount of close calls we had to make. Even in the walkthrough it looked like lightning was passing through other lightning when it shouldn't.
Overall this is a great game but tone down the difficulty a bit.

good but a little lag and hard

Tesla and Westinghouse would be proud! (who gives a damn what Edison thinks?)
A nice concept. Simple to learn, with real potential for challenging levels, which you've clearly explored as the levels progress. The graphics are not overwrought; this game is beautiful and flashy without being the kind of game that will slow down older machines.

You've got a real solid foundation here that could be used as a springboard to sequels with a greater number of levels, more advanced puzzles, and more in-depth circuitry. All in all, a solid effort!

good but gets waaaaay to hard

pretty fun and cool game