Reviews for "Secret Santa"

aw yiss

Lol, look at all these dumb NGers below, downvoting this game only because their crappy computer cannot play it.

This is an excellent game, requires creativity, timing, reflex and a little skill to succed in this game. The posibilities for new levels are endless, you could even add gravity twists, moving obstacles, etc. I like this concept very much. Congratulations, and have a happy new year :D

omg giving a bad review because 'it won't load' is NO reason at all to downrate dumb fucks.
this is an awesome game, like the two people below me say, you just have crappy computers.

This game actually isn't too bad, i got bored but the art is awesome and the game was actually entertaining.
If a bunch of people like troll face,[a poorly drawn retarded ugly guy] then why do people find this game lame, i like troll face but there really isn't anything wrong with this game.

Adventure Time! Like if you are a fan of AT!