Reviews for "Christmas Shotgun Defense"

LOL at all the hate spewing, Merry Xmas to you all.
It's a very tongue-in-cheek statement against (or honouring) shooters, be it defence or any other of the myriads of iterations.
You need to pay more attention to credits, though. The music was very tight (a'ight?) and the authors deserve recognition. If you ever update the "Credits/Info" and the Author comments please have this in mind.
Got to go now, motherfuckers are coming to get my baby!

If dreadful voice acting combined with dane cook levels of anti-funny weren't enough the game doesn't seem to care if actually shoot anything or not. Id like to think the author was trying to make a joke about violence here but it seems much more likely he simply didn't put much effort into testing the game.

need a way to skip the dialog and stuff, it's too long and too boring to sit through all of it.

Please only play this game if you have a good sense of humor. I found this game hilarious the voice acting was very funny and the game was very free flowing and fun and extremely random but I loved every bit of it!

What the hell? This game... has very little effort put into it. The voicing, graphics (Wow, you found a way to screw up pixalated graphics) and overall game play is just horrible. Nothing looks even adequate, there are several places where things overlap each other, and all you're doing is pressing a button repeatedly. Who the HELL put his on the front page? This deserves to be blammed, let alone any stars.