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Reviews for "Christmas Shotgun Defense"

That was just amazing!

Ridiculous as always. Thanks for a good laugh, Sos.

This is absolutely ridiculous....

For what it was, I really enjoyed the game! The goofy dialogue between the two characters is what kept me wanting to finish the levels. First impressions were underwhelming, especially when enemies got by with no repercussions, but I think it fits the game, and loses its goofy feel if people had to be concerned about things like 'winning'. Weapons were simple, in the best way possible. After the shotgun, it was just bigger and badder spam weapons, great for for mowing down wise men and stuff with high health. I overall enjoyed myself, especially the twist at the end. Great job! It's a nice little game to pass a few spare minutes and is very good at what it does. Stuff that wouldn't work in other games (like limited weapon choice, overly simple mechanics, minimal programming, etc.) work perfectly here because there is an understanding this game is not meant to be taken seriously, and establishes it right off the bat. All elements work for what this game is trying to do.