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Reviews for "bleach TD"

So, first few seconds of the game, i freeze on click anywhere to reset xp must have been my problem not the games, but just was going to bring it up if anyone else had the same issue. Time to get to the main issues: The game doesn't have a fast forward feature, which i hope will be added into a future version. There should also be a story behind this, not just a single map (Havent got to far into it to figure out if there are more then just one level). Also, the graphics need some polishing, i didnt mind the bits, but some people would like it to be a "bit" better. The games fun, and can get addicting if you include a story and unlock system like some other TD games on Newgrounds. :)

needs a little bit of work but still its an awesome idea!!

Your game needs polishing graphics and one thing i noticed: i can't delete towers?
You should add that option in future versions.

I was expecting a 2D arcade fught. Ichigo with medium velocity?

Great game needs a little work on animation though plz make a bleach td 2