Reviews for "Robot Masters"

Damn good, man....Mega-man is a real bastard isn't he? murdering anything in his path and still having that demented "meh" face on him.

Animation: decent, a little choppy though.
Voice acting: goddamn you suck at voice acting, Josh, Seymour, and Ricepirate did good though

Scott-Falco responds:

I do in fact suck at voice acting. I actually decided to voice for Iceman WHILST I had a cold.
But after him I was like "....I should probably get help for the voices.."

impressive art impressive voice acting and impressive animation. all in all I say... TENOUTTATEN!!

Had me rolling! Good job!

Scott-Falco responds:

Ha. Rolling. Like the character from Megaman.
You commenters crack me up


Out done yourself sir.