Reviews for "Robot Masters"

you have done a great job rock beats paper so true but most of the powers were wrong for most of the bosses but other than that great job again

Oh god, I'm keep seeing this just for the scene of Electricman XD . Keep it up, that's a great job ;D

The best Robot Masters since Interview With a Damp Wire! Great audio in particular -- your voice actors, music and sound really made this. Nice animation, good synching and a fine excursion into bizarre style mixing. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me... and I used it to defeat the next flash.

I liked it.

I totally saw that Gutsman's ass thing coming though. Kinda wish you hadn't did that. Anyway, 4 stars and 5 vote go to you.

This is HILARIOUS! I loved the face at the end of every cleared stage. Probs one of the funniest things on Newgrounds!