Reviews for "Robot Masters"

Loved it, though the bomb-man part was a bit long. For a moment I thought it was a parody of a movie as well... but... yeah. Bit melodramatic... and long. You lose a star for that! HAH.

Lathed my fucking ass off fucking loved it


Bomb Man's monologue alone made this 5-star worthy. The animation was good, and I *loved* the voice work. The comedy was also really solid. I'd call all but Fire Man's near perfect, and although I thought it was funny, I think that type of humor was just done better with Bomb Man in the next scene. Oh man. Mega Man's face throughout the entire thing was fucking priceless.

If I had one complaint: Needed moar puns. =D

Well I never played any megaman but whatever, that was goddammn funny!
I especially liked how you drew the closed mouth. That facial expression was somehow the funniest part for me :D
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