Reviews for "Robot Masters"

That was really hilarious.. I loved the 'speech' part. ;3

ok... kinda like it..

Scott, i've been watchin your animations since you released super mario hyadin, (believe i spelt that wrong). I gotta say, this made me log into my newgrounds account to make a comment on a piece (or any thing really), which i barely do.

This was well done, animation was unique and the repetitive mega-face was a joke that didn't get old. This is definitely in my top favorites of your work.

Best wishes for the new year.

Fucking megepick!

Bad stuff:

The ending was totally anti-climactic, especially after the long speech of the bomb guy. You set up that speech as this big, dramatic, dark thing. And at the end, you didn't deliver. The punchy guy was just knocked over after one bomb. It would've been funnier if Bomberm-err, *cough* Megaman had just sat there spamming him with bombs for about ten seconds while he sits there with his nonchalant expression just tossing them away. And then, show him fly into the wall still smoking. Anything more to it would have added something. As far as endings go, it wasn't much to look at.

A minor annoyance; the intro to each scene went by too fast to read everything that was written. Also, the purposely crappy boss drawings in each one were just bleh. I know that's the point, but still.... bleh.

Good stuff:

The one at the end was the only one that had a boring death. The rest of them were well thought-out. Rock beats scissors, scissors cut electrical chords and stop that awful song from playing, electricity fries.... well, most things, in this case ice, since water is conductive. The fire one wasn't very funny. I guess I didn't follow? Bomb's speech was amazing. Pixilated Bomb-argh, *cough* Megaman victory face was great. Even punchy guy's dialogue was amusing in a crazy, overly-confident anime character way. I wonder if he's a black guy in real life....

The voice acting was pretty good, for newgrounds.... a place where professional voice actors don't come from. Eh, you did great... I guess... and maybe should do more so that you can get even better at it... My supportive juices are running low.(they weren't that high to begin with) I do notice now that I think about it, the voice colume wasn't cranked all the way up to ridiculous levels, and it was turned down in places where the screen cut away from the boss talking like with the punchy guy's dialogue. Thank you for not being obnoxious.

Other than the crappy intro animations, this was a very smooth flash which made it easy to watch, and easy to take in the... umm.... humor. The sounds were accurate to their animations and well-timed. Blah blah blah. Eh, I'm done. My rating says the rest.

Scott-Falco responds:

In regards to the Bombman was dark gutsman was not. I did that on purpose. Bombman was a contrast to the other robot masters, Fireman built up to him, then bombman took it home. The darkness of that short was to make ya think real quick, and then gutsman came in to try and leave you with a laugh.

But thank you much for the big comment, I love it when people actually take time to dive into the animation and examine it