Reviews for "Robot Masters"

gutman's ass
and bomberman :D

Awesome, not to mention the good writing. The first lines are hilarious, Slice to meet you!

Danger Danger! xD

Outstanding. I'm watching this on repeat just to see Electric Man's dance. Danger! Danger!

In the Gutsman part, all i did was to wait for the "GUTSMANS ASS" reference, good job!

As a megaman fan, if anyone else has requested that you make more, and I'm sure many have, I concur with their feelings. Please make more because that my friend was pretty awesome. Definitely the potential to be one of the top megaman parodies of all! Its only a 4 star because I believe that you will be one the few who make sequels better than their predecessor. I know you can't charge up your mega buster until the fourth one but, if you make more give it your best shot. Thanks for laugh.

Scott-Falco responds:

I have other stuff planned currently, but down the line I can definitely see making another