Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 16"

I agree completely. XD Sonic 3 days were the best and I hated Sonic X. The 90's Sonic cartoon was close to the comics and got very interesting just before they cancelled it. And Dr. Eggman is lame. He's just a joke. I actually used to fear Dr. Robotnik, turning Freedom Fighters into robots. But oh well, that's life. Loved the sum up of it all.

It was an interesting flash, and is just an opinion guys, don't need to overeact at all..

Heumm... Yea. But Sonic was a nice game but...I said it WAS a nice game.

Jeez SonicX dosnt suck

Does anyone find it ironic that there is a terrible cartoon reviewing other terrible cartoons now? How do you make a flash animation series about that anyway?