Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 16"

First commen yay aslo I have to say this is the best oe yet.I nearly fell out my chair.


You pretty much hit it spot on... its why i couldnt bare watching this show... because of fucking chris.

Good one but you forgot to mention the show's homosexual undertones.

Yes I agree 100% . This show Sonic X sucks so bad and I am a Sonic fan (I read the comics). It reminds me also of GIjoe (Which they also have a new one of) in which case nothing bad ever really happens to any other side. Nobody ever dies in these shows even though they use guns. I mean really I understand not killing 1 person per show but I mean they went through now there first season I think and nothing. What ever happened to the old good shows?

Still I support you and these videoes all the way man. And I hope one day they decide to make a decent show again...