Reviews for "Extraneous"

This is fantastic, and more views will never be enough.

I DETEST cookie-cutter rap. The overproduced, under-written schlock that dominates the radio HAS ALWAYS given hip hop a bad, bad rep...but thanks to a few friends, I realize there's always an exception to the rule with underground content. In time, I even began growing fond of really intelligent rap.

It's about structure, it's about pace. It's about ACTUALLY having something to talk about. It's about having a vocabulary that expands beyond mindless expletives.


The sample/backing track is really cool, very classy, and it never gets annoying. Vocals are balanced well so neither the music or the vocals drown out one another. Full score on audio.

I suppose my only criticism on the animation is the frame-rate. Take that with a grain of salt, though, because it's STILL fantastic. It's lively, it's groovy, it takes us places. A subtle Pico reference here, and I think my favorite moment was the Astronaut helmet that left a contrail of Gold Foil texture...that looked really cool! Incorporating more textures like that in the future could really lend strength to this style...Why paint a street grey when you could have a good lookin' cement texture? But like a spice, I suppose "Everything in Moderation" takes priority.

I can't blame ya for the re-use of animation on the chorus, because as a whole, this music video must've been a heavy work-load, but in the future, it would only add strength for you to mix it up a little.

I could nit-pick all day ("If you look for it, you'll find it") and nothing will distract me from the craftsmanship that was put into this as a whole. You deserve views, you deserve recognition, and thank you for showing us your work! Keep it up, keep it creative, keep it classy. Easy Five and Fav!

KartuneHustla responds:

Wow thank you for the thorough write up! Really appreciate the kind words. I plan to work more with those textures.

wwwooooooww that was a good and hard work animation =)

KartuneHustla responds:

Thank you!

Lets me trip without drugs. Well done.

So much great frame by frame animation going on here. Really gels with the trickle-on nature of the rap lyrics. Bang tidy.