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Reviews for "Windows 0002 XMAS Edition"

good game 5 stars are for the begin you are not WELCOME and the calculator so that means i liked everyting AND FOR EVERYONE THIS IS NOT BORING


Man some of you people are going to hate just cause it is kinda blah? At least he made a effort to make something enjoyable.

When I play a game I want something that I can at least play for 10 minutes to pass the time and guess what? I played this for about a decent 10 minutes after seeing everything it has to offer.

2 stars for it being a parody
1 star for a merry christmas
2 more stars because you took the time to make something.

So that is the whole five stars. Merry Christmas and keep at it. We all have to start somewhere.

I'm not even sure, whether I should consider this Flash to be a game in ANY way.
It's actually not even a real parody, except for the reoccurring Bluescreen, which is the only resemblance I can find. There ARE good parodies of Windows, but your attempt is
(and I actually feel bad for it) downright pathetic. Even if you DID put effort in both, the sound and graphics, it is impossible to find anything of it: There is nearly no sound at all (no clicksound?! Not even this typical Error-Beeping?!), except for some short tracks of which even less are related to Windows, while your graphical work is just in no way acceptable. You did not even COPYPASTE
the close or minimize buttons of windows!
But the one thing, that also seems to upset most of the people who try this out, is not the appearance of your "parody", but the obscure writing you consider to be funny.
SERIOUSLY! This whole ">:D"-thing, the hat covered in excrements, and most of all the fact, that the only "joke" everything in this game leads to, is the same Bluescreen: It's just not funny.
It's immature and in no way enjoyable.

Ctnumber responds:

You guys are thinking ONLY about the bad way, stop hating, I don't even care what you say but shut up. Not just for MightyMushroom, this is for the all comments. Now let me complete what did you said.
1) If this is not a game, what it is? If it chould be an animation, it will be the dumbest and shortest animation in the world.
2) Parody means Inspirated, so of course it's a real parody.
3) About the graphics, Flash isn't good for me for these graphics, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Paint.NET and others, these are programs for graphics, not flash.
4) The effort, Windows 0002 it took me 1 week and some days to make it, and 1 day to make the christmas edition. I am new in this site and flash so STFU, you guys want only good things, think about the past too.
5) Sound, what sound I can use? I used dings at errors, the startup sound for the begin and Windows Media Player, a sound joke. It really needs sounds?
6) Windows pictures, I didn't copy and paste them beacuse I want to be more original.
7) This parody is funny, but you don't get it, you just know to hate, not to laugh.
8) Of course it's not immature, I am not mature, I am still in the middle school, it say this it's for teens, so think about it again. Also this is enjoyable but you don't want to enjoy it beacuse you are so mean and you want only good thinks.

Seriouslly, think about the good part. I had enough votes, so Newgrounds accepted my projects, the voters thinked about the good part and the wrose part. That means my project is good. Don't tell me you can do better beacuse I don't care. This is not the best flash project ever, It's crappy.

Stop commenting.

Honestly, there is no purpose of this. It's probably one of your first works, but it's kinda eh. C for effort, at least add a few more things?

i hate the game do not play this game cuz it wastes your time