Reviews for "Mountain"

very impressive if i do say so myself

you keep this up and you might be a pro pixel game maker

Seagaia responds:

im working on this game http://www.anodynegame.com right now. studies show and 4/5 doctors agree that it is more fun :)

it has no mission and it's boring but i can't stop playing it. The simple magic makes it so good.

Seagaia keep this up! it's awesome! game just plz add some mission's!

absolutely delightful. I loved learning how to play this game. Aside from the wonder and exploration in this little poem, the music was one of my favorite parts--I couldn't tell, but did adding to the mountains have any effect on the music? sometimes it looked to me like the mountains resembled waveforms--I think that would be something very interesting to explore.

All in all, excellent job. I only wish I didn't have to refresh the page to play again and again!

Seagaia responds:

glad you liked the discovery aspect. i thought it would be more enjoyable if I didn't spell everthing out, and I'm glad you liked the music, it's kind of messy but in a way that's sort of intended along with the game ( i made this game fairly quickly).

adding tot he mountains does not add to the music (though bass notes play sometimes when the little pluses hit the mountain, and when you're holdin gmore pluses, the random notes play faster).

it would be cool if the mountain worked - perhaps in a non-flash game. i'd like to use something like this in a later game.

and I added pressing R at the end to restart!

Absolutely fantastic, beautiful game. But... it does get rather pointless after five minutes.