Reviews for "Lap of the Gods"

This is one of the best games i ever played.The first thing I liked in this game was difficulty :D.I was killed 3 times but after that i make the round perfect.Now I am 5 in the leaderboard.My favourite gun was sub-machine guns.The bad gun was the projectile who fire ammos and went directly to enemies.I don't like that you lose healt when you don't kill.Maybe you can change this.Would be perfect if you made stages :D and your character level but i mean is to much and hard to do it right now.But he is one of my favourite game.I am now a fan of you and i favourite your game.

First I thought this is a bad game, because it's way too hard, and the enemys are way too strong.
But then I accepted the challenge and tried my best to get into the top 10 and now I'm #3
This game reminds me so much of geometry wars, but it's better, less fustrating and more fun :D
If you have problems dieing too fast, keep on playing, you get better and better every try.
Really well done!

good game. so sad that after have reached 301334 points the game have remained freezed in the death screen. good job anyways

Snakebee responds:

I'm sorry to hear that happened. I went back and modified the code for a much more secure player death-check condition. Of all the times I playtested it myself, it only froze once for me, and it happened very recently.

Ok I'm going to have to say I loved this game.
It made me move fast and I had to really get my head in the game so that I can move and think faster.
The user below is not wrong about the space bar being a bit awkward, eh but it was fine once I got the hang of it. I loved the fact that the difficulty escalated so rapidly, some games take forever.
One thing that I thought might have been better was to have some energy bars lying around for you to collect, but the killing enemys for energy worked fine. Good game I'll favorite and fan to see if you you give us more good stuff. One more thing the shotgun type weapon was my favorite.

Snakebee responds:

I'm glad you liked it, means a lot to me that someone faved my first game. There actually existed energy items dropped from enemies that you ran over to collect. I made a last minute decision to change it because I thought it would be more of an inconvenience.

Thank you for the review.

would be nice if it had more of a background and also a dodge roll funtion