Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"


Kudos Berzerk Studios! You have created an awesome sequel for Berzerk Ball. It has come a long way from it's humble beginnings and has definitely went up a notch. It really blew my mind away when i started playing it. The concept of upgrades, challenges and quests you need to accomplish to be able to complete the game. Not to mention the team work with each and every member of the team was so epicly COOL!! (If epicly is even a word... :P ) with that being said I better yet "WE" still believe it needs some improvements!!

*Personally, it has been my pet peeve when i started playing the game. Ultimate Smash is the same for every character. Would have been nice if they had a different smash from one and another. Would be totally awesome. Not to mention, while you are performing an Ultimate Smash make it more exciting for the player by giving him something to click simultaneously to increase the effect of the Smash. I believe this would make it a bit more challenging.

*Combining Items: Aside from having the Black Smith being able to forge random items. Why not give us an option to combine items as well. This would make the game more interesting instead of having to sell the items we randomly get to buy materials to create a random item yet again.

Honestly, i was planning to leave a feedback after collecting all the medals. Sadly, am having a hard time complete the riddles. So i will just leave one right now. Again good job, am really looking forward to the next one or perchance another awesome game from you guys. MORE POWER!!

very good game :) :)

Wow, just wow. Most sequels would simply add a new story, new art, or new characters. However, this game is just almost completely different from the first one. Well not "almost", but you get the point. Aside from the mini-games and the team system, it also has some mechanics either changed or improved. But the tossing part still brings about the true concept of the game. 5 well-earned stars.

Excellent game, had so much fun with it... I loved the whole team feature, it was something new to this kind of games and felt amazing.

AWESOME game!!! Got all the medals!
What makes this game a super game is the fact that, unlike other tossing games, this one has a LOT of extra features, not just a shop, you got challenges, players, shop, blacksmith, and as if it wasn't enough, you also got the team system, wich raises the game into a whole new level.
In other words, this game deserves 5 x 10¹²³ stars!