Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

I play this on my 5c phone it's awesome

It's good, but I finally hit a distance of 700,000 and the game glitched and started giving me +1 skill point, and never stopped.

Needs more playable female characters (at least three), could use more variety with the geeks; perhaps with body type options. Also, while the main arena is nice, and the Challenges provide more activity variety, perhaps you could expand upon them? It would be pretty cool if each environment on the main arena had their own themed Challenges.

Overall, though, a fun game, but with V-P being the token female, I have to give this a three out of five. Add more female characters in the future, and the score is subject to change (positively).

this game is awesome but i just hit a major glitch, on my fifth hit, it just rocketed me off and bounced me without losing speed for 2604910 before freezing and making it stop and give me the options again. it also gave me alomost 1000$ per bounce for no reason.

A lot more than the last edition.