Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

I haven't got any criticism, really.

The game & the challenges can be a bit tough at first but once you get the general idea of what to do, you're set.

The weapons are amazing & the end-game ones look pretty cool! The passive items are cool concept too; really makes you think what you wanna have set up.

The characters are really well designed too & their special vehicles are awesome! My favorite is V-P's missile.

Overall, this game is awesome. I think I'll certainly keep coming back to this & I'll most likely try and get as many of the medals as I can too.

Great, well designed & fun game -- 5/5.

konami code?

why the fuck does this game not save so for that I'm giving it 2 stars but cmon please make a saving feature I don't want to lose all of my progress

LOL, i justed bugged the game, just hitted V-P's Missile thingy and one of these metroid looking creeps

Epic game, good music, nice and violent 10/10