Reviews for "To Hell and Back"

should probably be under games, but was enjoyable & pretty well made.

RAPHEUS THANK U FOR MAKING MOAR ur multilingual friend
RAPHEUS GRACIAS POR HACER MAS tu amigo multilengual

thia is better than dantes inferno

This game is epic dude!

the animation and art are good but I think this should have been uploaded into the games section. Ishouldn't have to find out how to beat satan to watch a movie. also I couldn't figure it out. I kept hitting the gun button in the corner (the only buton) and he just kept smashing the main character.

Rapheus responds:

I thought long and hard about this:
I decided to put it in the movies section because it's not a platformer, RPG, or FPS. The only interaction is clicking on buttons to make selections. In reality, it's more of an interactive movie than a game.