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Reviews for "Just Politics"

I can't collect money.

Very well done. Politics is the easiest thing to make fun of because there are so many things that are wrong with it. This game portrays one of those wrongs perfectly. Animations are well done, jokes are witty, and all within 72 hours. Some things can be improved, though with the time allotted, it is a very well done game.

Brantkings responds:

Thanks! Good to know that you liked it!

So many good Ludum Dare games! I love the concept! Thinkin' outside the box for sure.

Brantkings responds:

Thanks! Your game is great as well!

This is a nicely done game, with a bit of an insipid premise. I think the idea it is trying to convey is childish and a bit immature, but it conveys it well so...good marks from me?

Brantkings responds:

Yeah I agree that we didn't go too deep in the subject. But it is like you said, if we had, we might not had time for conveying it well. Thanks.

Was good but I would have liked to see some variety. Maybe have the "money stealing" levels between decision screens. For example; You are posed with the choice of cutting taxes in one area or another, then the money stealing, then you have to do an interview, then the money stealing, etc.

Other than that I liked it. Would have liked more laws, though. I would like to see a sequel, but only if you are going to put more into it than you did this (in terms of content not time and labor, which seem to be pretty good as is). Graphics were good and I like the idea, really good political satire, but variety would have been nice.

Brantkings responds:

Thanks for the review.

Yeah there are lots of ways we could expand the game even more, as a sequel or updates. We'll see then.